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Stunning UI/UX Design fit for your brand

The experience you provide to your users is critical to your performance as a business. With this in mind, user interfaces and user experience (UI/UX) have become key battlegrounds in custom software development, web development, and the modern digital marketing ecosystem.

Your users value a high-level experience – one that demonstrates just how much they mean to you and your business. It's up to you to deliver this. But, this is where we come in to help.

We are a UI/UX design agency that is committed to achieving optimal results for you and your users. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to the unique situation of your business, along with user-centered design principles, as we craft the experience that your users want to see.

Our UI/UX design services are tailored to your key objectives, and we will deploy the right analytics and benchmarking solutions that help you progress towards these targets.

Exceptional Experience

We put user-centric design first with our UI UX design services, ensuring the end product delivers an exceptional experience with an aesthetic that wows.

If you're looking for an exceptional UI UX experience, we're in your corner to help bring your innovative vision to life.

Exceptional Experience

We put user-centric design first with our UI UX design services, ensuring the end product delivers an exceptional experience with an aesthetic that wows.

If you're looking for an exceptional UI UX experience, we're in your corner to help bring your innovative vision to life.

Low/High Fidelity Wireframes

Low and high-fidelity wireframes come together to visualize your project requirements and deliver a comprehensive understanding of the direction of development. A low-fidelity wireframe represents the first step on the journey of mapping out your UI/UX design. This is the basic sketch of the design – the bare bones that will serve as the structure of the experience and interface as it progresses.

As we build your low-fidelity wireframe, you will begin to see your design take shape, although it will still be a static image at this point. So, what is a high-fidelity wireframe? Well, this is the next stage up. Once you are happy with the fundamental design elements of the experience and the interface, we can translate these elements into a more high-functioning, more detailed model. These wireframes serve as rallying points, bringing everyone together on the same page and helping to foster engagement in the project.

Mapping the User Journey

One of the key UX design challenges is understanding the different journeys and pathways your users will take as they navigate your site. These journeys include both internal and external pathways – how are users arriving at your page, and how are they moving around your site?

We deploy user journey mapping tools to gain a comprehensive view of where your customers are coming from and how they behave on your site. This is a key part of user journey UX design. We utilize the insight we derive from these tools to support optimal journeys for all users, maximizing conversions along the way.

Visual Designs

Visual design services give your business the chance to get to grips with your user flow. The user flow is defined as a set of tasks that must be carried out on the way to completing an action. This makes analyzing your user flow a little different from journey mapping as you have more control over the steps in the process. For example, perhaps your user wants to download a PDF guide or ebook to grow their knowledge on a certain topic. However, you want to use this asset as a lead magnet, so you insert an additional step – a data capture form.

Our visual design capabilities – deployed alongside user flow tools – help you to get to grips with these components of the user flow. Visuals and graphics make it easy to see exactly where you need to guide your users as they move through your site. Let us help you craft a comprehensive visual design of your architecture and develop a winning design strategy that allows you to maximize conversions and acquisitions without harming the overall UX.

Usability Testing

Keep usability testing in mind as you approach UX design. It is this testing that transforms ideas and objectives into fully formed realities – delivering you the data you need to optimize the experience for your user. How do you achieve UX design usability testing at the highest level? By calling upon industry experts with the necessary skills and experience. As part of our UI/UX design services, we connect your business with the usability testing tools you need to get the job done in the right way.

Until you put the user experience to the test, you cannot know for sure that your efforts have been successful. Our user interface design company is committed to giving you a strong platform on which to build. Usability testing is a key part of this. By deploying moderated and unmoderated testing and seeking both quantitative and qualitative feedback, we can begin to gain a picture of what is working and what is not. From here, we will hone and fine-tune the UX and the UI as we position your site ahead of those of your competitors.

Clickable Prototypes

What is a clickable prototype? This is a realized model of your site or app and its UX design. It is not yet deployed online, but your teams can access it in-house, exploring and appraising the design as they go. Thanks to clickable features, the site or app prototype will behave just as it will for your users when it goes live, giving your teams the chance to get to grips with the set-up before it is launched.

The features of a good user interface include an intuitive design, a crisp and clear layout, and positive user flows and journeys that support conversion and target optimal search engine performance. We ensure that everything is present and correct within your prototype, providing you with the peace of mind you need ahead of the launch date. Our team can develop clickable prototypes in Figma, InVision, and Balsamiq, so we are assured of finding the best fit for your business.

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None of this off-the-shelf software business

We are an international custom software development company based out of Metro Detroit focused on empowering companies to scale, get funded, and solve real problems.

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise company, our software expertise and business technology solutions are adaptable to your needs.

We provide industry-leading software development, design solutions, and technology services for startups. Size matters not, our technology services for startups are customized to suit your needs. With goals aligned, we're here to empower you towards greatness. Startups require a unique set of services, and they need to connect with a software development partner who can provide these services in the right way. 

How we help Startups

We create custom software and technology solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering their innovative ideas and bringing them to life. Sophisticated technology, in-depth consultation, and custom software development — all these elements help your small or medium-sized enterprise overcome the challenges you face in the market. With the right technology partner at your side, not only will you overcome these challenges, but you will also identify new targets and opportunities for growth. This is precisely what we have in mind when we craft enterprise solutions for our clients.

How we help SMEs

As your partner, we help creative design studios of all shapes and sizes transform your creative vision into exciting custom software solutions that scale. Integration — this is a key aim for any design studio seeking tech development services. These services must align with your project goals and with your long-term business targets. The results you see must adhere to your identity and your business model. And the project's technical aspects must integrate with your existing systems. In other words, your design studio needs a service partner, not a mere service provider.

How we help Design Studios

We specialize in custom enterprise software development — crafting solutions that snuff out inefficiencies and help you focus on achieving your goals. Large enterprise companies need custom enterprise software solutions that can match the depth and breadth of their operations. Large enterprise services need to be efficient and effective, providing a streamlined route from the drawing board design phase through testing and fine-tuning right up to launch and beyond. Our team has put together a suite of services to accomplish all of this with speed and flexibility.

How we help Large Enterprises


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