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Discovery and Research workshops that equip you for success

Let’s help bring your product vision to life with a project discovery phase to establish key benchmarks, competitive landscape, market potential, and more.

The project discovery phase is the first step on your way to developing a product that is going to go above and beyond for your audience and truly wow your customers.

Through product discovery sessions and workshops, you'll begin to formulate a plan that is going to help you perfect what you offer to your audience. Think of this discovery stage as the foundation of your product development. It is from here that everything else begins to grow and evolve.

Without a solid foundation, it is difficult to achieve the success you want to see, even if you have an end result in mind. Our discovery and research services are designed to help you achieve this foundation and help you create a winning discovery phase project plan.

We work alongside you to understand your needs and your targets. Then we put this understanding to work, crafting an agenda that is geared towards long and short-term goal attainment.

Discovery and Research Services Delivered with Your Business in Mind

What do discovery and research mean?

This is a complex set of processes designed to start your digital product strategy off on the right track.

Let's break this process down and examine it in more detail.

Discovery and Research Services Delivered with Your Business in Mind

What do discovery and research mean?

This is a complex set of processes designed to start your digital product strategy off on the right track.

Let's break this process down and examine it in more detail.

Understanding Technical and Analytics Requirements

What does your business need moving forward? How can you enhance your analytics and get more from your data? All of this comes in stage two of the discovery phase project plan. This is where we draw upon our formidable experience in the industry.

We apply our knowledge, alongside a close and personal working relationship with your business, to determine your technical and analytics requirements, both in the immediate future and in the long term. With this understanding, you can begin building the technical and analytic arsenal you need to successfully bring your product vision to market.

Current Data and Analytics Appraisal

Your business is already generating and storing data on a mass scale. Every process, interaction, or operation generates more data and your analytics software assesses and analyzes this data to derive insight. But is this current way of doing things achieving the best results during product development?

In this early software development discovery phase, we will put your data and your analytics to the test. We will examine how these storage and analytic structures are performing, as well as identify key opportunities for augmenting and enhancing the data your business is gathering. Data-driven processes are critical to success, and this focus on data must be in place right from stage one of the process.

Establishing Key Benchmarks and Value Propositions

What does your new product represent to your users? What value are they going to derive from what you offer to them? This is your value proposition. But how to identify this value proposition? This comes from honing your buyer profiles and understanding their motivations. Alongside this, you also need to look into the market and identify gaps that can be filled.

We will hold value proposition workshops to establish these key targets. Then, we'll differentiate and hone in on the most important pieces of value for your customers. From here, we can begin to establish benchmarks that will serve as waypoints en route to product delivery.

Building a Content Strategy and Developing Content Buckets

Your product and software offerings need to be supported by great content – content that is going to engage, inform, excite and embolden users in equal measure. This content cannot be released haphazardly or at random. Instead, it needs to form part of a wider content strategy. This strategy will need to be aligned with your industry-specific content buckets.

A content bucket is one of your areas of expertise – for example, high-level information about automotive repair and maintenance or in-depth support articles for tech products. As we identify and develop these content buckets, we'll refer back to your user personas. We'll learn more about what they want to see and what they need to know, retaining a keen data-driven focus throughout.

Mapping the Market Landscape

You do not operate alone in your industry. Unfortunately, there are competitors sharing your space and vying for the attention of your customers. Whether you are entering into a product discovery phase or working towards customer software engineering or app development, you need to know exactly who these competitors are, what they offer, and how you can out-position them.

As part of our services, we will benchmark your competitors, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses on the way to gaining improved understanding. We will take this information and apply it to your own product development strategy, assessing how you can position your products for optimal effect in the market.

Search Engine Optimization Audit and Strategy

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, remains a critical form of digital marketing for your business. Organic search is where many of your customers are going to connect with your products and services, and so you need to be performing well on Google and other search platforms.

We are an experienced SEO audit company. Our teams will examine and audit your search engine marketing strategies so you can gain more traffic from organic search, as well as paid search ads. Once the audit is complete, we can begin to put together the right SEO strategy ahead of your product launch.

Alignment with Third-Party Agencies

Let us put our experience in the industry to work for you and your business. We can help you gain partnerships with the right third-party agencies, supporting the work of your in-house teams and positioning your products, services, and other offerings for success.

This is a critical part of the discovery and research phase, and the knowledge you gain will help you secure success for your product launch.

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We are an international custom software development company based out of Metro Detroit focused on empowering companies to scale, get funded, and solve real problems.

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise company, our software expertise and business technology solutions are adaptable to your needs.

We provide industry-leading software development, design solutions, and technology services for startups. Size matters not, our technology services for startups are customized to suit your needs. With goals aligned, we're here to empower you towards greatness. Startups require a unique set of services, and they need to connect with a software development partner who can provide these services in the right way. 

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We create custom software and technology solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, empowering their innovative ideas and bringing them to life. Sophisticated technology, in-depth consultation, and custom software development — all these elements help your small or medium-sized enterprise overcome the challenges you face in the market. With the right technology partner at your side, not only will you overcome these challenges, but you will also identify new targets and opportunities for growth. This is precisely what we have in mind when we craft enterprise solutions for our clients.

How we help SMEs

As your partner, we help creative design studios of all shapes and sizes transform your creative vision into exciting custom software solutions that scale. Integration — this is a key aim for any design studio seeking tech development services. These services must align with your project goals and with your long-term business targets. The results you see must adhere to your identity and your business model. And the project's technical aspects must integrate with your existing systems. In other words, your design studio needs a service partner, not a mere service provider.

How we help Design Studios

We specialize in custom enterprise software development — crafting solutions that snuff out inefficiencies and help you focus on achieving your goals. Large enterprise companies need custom enterprise software solutions that can match the depth and breadth of their operations. Large enterprise services need to be efficient and effective, providing a streamlined route from the drawing board design phase through testing and fine-tuning right up to launch and beyond. Our team has put together a suite of services to accomplish all of this with speed and flexibility.

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